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Due to family health issues we are suspending shipping orders until further notice.

Welcome to Granola Girl Designs

Granola Girl DesignsDebbie Field, of Granola Girl Designs fame, has become synonymous with Northwoods. She has a creative passion for capturing wildlife and outdoor scenes, and then incorporates them into quilts, which is enjoyed by quilters all over the world.

Dear Quilting Friends,

I am very lucky! I come from a family of outdoor enthusiasts.

Living an adventurous lifestyle of camping, hiking, skiing,kayaking, snowshoeing, and just plain enjoying the outdoors, is my passion in life. This lifestyle has inspired my many outdoor fabric lines, books, and patterns. When I am outdoors everything just seems to come together. Nature is my palette for artwork color and texture. Designing is an easy task for me. I pull from photos I have taken at places we’ve been and of family activities remembered. It is my way of capturing the beauty and contentment of the outdoors, which brings so much joy to my family. I’m sure you have heard of my signature saying:

“Take time for quilting and enjoy the outdoors. Life is full of memories. Make sure you have a nice place to keep them. Quilt it!”

Debbie Field